Tenant agrees to leave the property ‘ready to occupy’ by performing the following duties prior to returning possession of the property to Landlord:

a. Remove all trash, debris and personal items from the premises.

b. Thoroughly clean all appliances, including stove, refrigerator and microwave if provided.

c. Wipe out all cupboards: top and bottom kitchen cupboards, and all bathroom cupboards.

d. Clean all sinks, commodes, showers, bathtubs, fan blades, cabinet exteriors, and wipe down walls.

e. Clean and sweep or vacuum all flooring. Carpet must be professionally cleaned by a Landlord approved service provider and a receipt must be provided.

f. Ensure there are working light bulbs in every fixture.

g. Clean up any cigarette butts or other trash or debris from the yard.

h. Clean up after their animal, including removing any excrement from the yard.

i. Notify Landlord of any repairs that need to be accomplished.

j. Close and lock all doors and windows and return two sets of working keys to the Landlord by noon on the last day of the lease term.

k. Leave a forwarding address so that deposit monies due can be returned in a timely manner.